EMCAPP reduces paperwork = Improves efficiency for advertisers

The Electronic Media Credit Application – EMCAPP – streamlines the media credit application process reducing time and money spent by advertisers, advertising agencies and media providers alike. A single application can be used by all media advertising providers – TV, radio, cable, print, out-of-home and digital.

Paperwork – no longer a necessary evil

An advertising agency CFO once told a room of media credit professionals that neither his agency nor his advertising clients had the resources to complete a credit application for every media provider with whom his company placed a buy. But media providers need credit applications to make the best possible credit decision for an advertiser. So, BCCA, the media industry’s credit association, a subsidiary of MFM (Media Financial Management Association), stepped in to harness the power of the web to provide a solution that meets the needs of advertisers and media providers alike.

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Benefits for advertisers and advertising agencies include:

  • Cuts paperwork - single credit application that can be accepted by all media providers
  • More consistency in media credit terms
  • Sequential liability – advertising agency only liable to pay media provider after it receives payment from advertiser
  • Secure – application database can only be accessed by users authorized to see the application(s)
  • Improves visibility and accountability
  • Supports Ad-ID (Advertising Digital Identification) – applications can be pulled by Ad-ID code
  • Free - no charge to create or modify an electronic media credit application - Click Here to add your credit app NOW!

Benefits for media providers include:

  • Advertiser friendly
  • Fast- credit applications available when needed
  • Legible
  • Supports internal control compliance
  • Frees sales team to focus on business development instead of paperwork
  • No charge for all media providers who are BCCA members - Click Here to sign-up!

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